Bianca returns to IN FORM on 8th June 2021 after taking time out to be mum to the newly arrived (and gorgeous) Marley.  We're thrilled to have her back on board!



Local girl Bianca was born and raised in the town of Gisborne.
Outside of work she likes to spend time with her family and friends as well as partake in leisure activities such as water-skiing in the summer. Bianca has two young daughters with her husband and childhood sweetheart, James.

Bianca obtained her osteopathic qualification in November 2012 and has completed a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences as well as a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy).

Prior to obtaining her Osteopathic degree Bianca also studied Biomedical Science for 2 years. Bianca has been practising with us since January 2013, and since May 2015 has been working full time with us.  She was involved at the Gisborne football club from 2005-2008, as a sports trainer and massage therapist. This work included treating, managing and diagnosing various sporting injuries.

Bianca is passionate about assisting her patient with their recovery by integrating her treatment plan with other health professionals to support each individual patient’s well-being and care.

Bianca is also qualified to use dry needling and laser therapy in her treatments.

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